DEMO: This online open house was live February 19-July 5, 2016

Your Comments are Important

You have an important role to play in this process. By reviewing and commenting on the DEIS and draft plan, you are providing important information for the Forest Service to consider in the decision-making process. Public comments do make a difference – each comment will be individually read, considered, and collectively responded to in the final EIS.

Check out the Reviewer's Guide to Commenting. If you are not ready to submit comments today, please remember to submit them by July 5. We hope to hear from you.

Interested in what others have said in their formal comments? View them in the Forest Service's Reading Room.

Want to submit comments another way?

Email comments to

Mail comments to:
Amy Dillon, Forest Plan Revision Team
Colville National Forest
Colville Supervisor’s Office
765 South Main
Colville, Washington 99114

Fax comments to (509) 684-7280

Opportunities to provide in-person, verbal comments in front of a listening audience will be provided late in the comment period. More information on these listening sessions will be posted here, and publically announced at least one month in advance.

When making a public comment, please note

  • You may submit more than one comment during the comment period.
  • Comments received during this public comment period, including names and addresses of those who comment, will be part of the project public record.
  • Comments submitted anonymously will be accepted and considered; however, anonymous comments will not provide the respondent with standing to participate in subsequent administrative or judicial review.
  • The submission of timely and specific comments can affect your ability to participate in subsequent administrative or judicial review.

Tips for commenting

  • The Preferred Alternative is a good starting point for commenting, along with comparing it to the other alternatives
  • Be clear, concise and organized
  • Give specific feedback that includes factual information and identifies possible solutions